Monday, November 13, 2006

Repairing Scandal the Catholic Way

How can the current Church scandal (of homosexuality and pedophilia) be properly and effectively dealt with?

Dr. Jeffrey Mirus, a leader in Catholic education and in advancing the Catholic Faith through recently offered his contribution.

It’s worth a read. He makes some very helpful points.

Best of all, it’s such a short read and IMHO the good Dr. gets right to the heart of the matter!

A forthright return to the basics of the hierarchical system is the only way. The bishops must eliminate bureaucracy, strip away administrative habits that distract them from essentials, and eliminate whatever detracts from their direct impact on the quality and quantity of their priests. They must first reignite their own spiritual fire and then go out and challenge young men throughout their dioceses to join them in their quest for souls. They must demand high standards of priestly training and priestly virtue, and then trust these same priests to form good parishes as well as good diocesan and parish schools.

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