Saturday, November 04, 2006

Missouri Stem Cell Amendment and Big Business

Recently I blogged on the controversy surrounding Michael J. Fox, Embryonic Stem Cell Research and the Missouri Stem Cell amendment. My goal was to help clarify the issue and to point out that ESCR ALWAYS takes the life of an innocent human being in the earliest stages of development and is particularly heinous because all such research aims from the very beginning to destroy the embryo.

I did point out clearly that ESCR has produced no successful medical therapies in humans yet those who promote ESCR make bold (and misleading) claims that it is immensely promising and that it has the potential to relieve or cure dozens, even hundreds, of serious human illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson's and diabetes.

What I did not mention was the extreme degree of lobbying that takes place by special business interests who would love to take advantage of the enormous sums of venture capital that would flow once these sorts of amendments are passed into law.

Fox News is now reporting on a billionaire couple whose firm invests significantly in the healthcare sector and who is pumping a whopping $29 million into advertising in order to win votes for the Missouri amendment. Records indicate that this couple has also donated significantly to lawmakers sympathetic to such research and they run an Institute that has made a $300 million expansion project contingent on Amendment 2 passing.

The MSM hype about ESCR is really all about one thing…big business influence and the Almighty Dollar. Who cares how many “invisible” human beings in embryo form get killed?

God help us to speak up for life.

h/t Michelle Malkin

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