Sunday, October 29, 2006

More on Fr. Gravel's "Permission" From The Vatican...Updated!

In today's post, Diogenes raises the same issue regarding Rev. Raymond Gravel as was raised in my recent post, except he takes it one step better.

Read the post and send your emails today.

Look at it as your little part in helping to save Canada...and representing Benedict XVI.

Update! Oct. 30, 2006
In an email I received from Stefan at he reported the following:
I just got off the phone (09h30 on Oct. 30, 2006) with an "authorized source" at the Apostolic Nunciature in Ottawa, Canada (he asked me not to mention his name). He told me that there had not been any declaration by the Nunciature concerning Fr. Raymond Gravel. So if "permission" has been given, it didn't come from the Nunciature.

I did try to "upbraid" him politely, saying that there was much confusion and that we would appreciate if someone defended the Church. No reaction...

Stefan strongly expressed his frustration that this guy wouldn't even let him mention his name! And when Stefan told him Gravel was using this silence to attack the Church even more violently, he said: "Well, he's not elected yet, so he isn't doing anything wrong".

I won't bother to give you the exact words used by Stefan to describe this kind of cowardice but "lame and effeminate" was part of his descriptive terminology! His final comment:

"They watch their Mother get kicked in the face, and they just sit in their comfortable chairs, read their papers and drink their coffee, and change the topic of the conversation..."

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