Sunday, July 20, 2014

Take No Pride In Sin

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Today the "Pride" Parade took place in our fair city of St. John's, NL.

See my Twitterfeed (simply glance at the column to the right of this posting) for my remarks throughout the afternoon on the disgraceful event. The parade was the culmination of one full week of "Pride" celebrations, launched with a flag raising on Monday past from both Confederation Hill by our provincial government Justice Minister, as well as from City Hall by our mayor and Councillors. The Telegram captured the "celebratory feel" of the event in their article earlier this week.

Think about it, a very high profile public celebration of sodomy and gender bending winding its way slowly through the streets of St. John's and nary a word of protest from Christian ministers and churches. And, no surprise, the numbers of participants are increasing year by year. If you listen to the conversation on the airwaves you can quickly determine that the LGBT activists are chomping at the bit to get into the schools and get a chance to pervert the thinking of children at the earliest possible stages. As with any kind of evil, corruption and rot, the stuff spreads by infection.

Unless of course, the gatekeepers who—for the most part—claim to be children of light (i.e. Christians) do their duty to resist the spread of the disease by standing firm on the moral law of Christ. But typically there is little of such resistance today from political leaders.

Yes, again, for the proliferation of this kind of public filth, I blame weak Catholic Bishops who promote pseudocatholic beliefs in Canada which give rise to a perverted religion which is actually a cultish enemy of the Christian faith. Most, if not all, of them, neglect to teach the Moral Law and the very important concept of the Common Good. As a result we get highly secularized Catholic politicians who don't have a clue about the values of the kingdom of Christ because their consciences have been no better formed than the average agnostic or atheist with whom they have rubbed shoulders all their lives.

Such as Mayor Dennis O’Keefe, who attended “very Catholic” St. Bonaventure’s College and who paves the way for all the “progress” which the homosexualists make in our city.

In fact, just about all the “progress” made on the social front (abortion, homosexuality, same sex “marriage”, divorce, etc.) in our province and throughout Canada has been pioneered and spearheaded by an inordinate number of Catholics who wind up in law and/or politics often because of an inherited and deep seated Christian ethos of serving their fellow man.

But all to no avail because the Bishops seem to take no interest in shaping and forming the consciences of their flock with solid moral teaching in order to ensure that the Catholic politician makes his/her mark for Christ and not for the Father of Lies.

#WakeUpBishops. They will have much to answer for on Judgment Day.


Suzanne F. said...

I'm just letting you know that I'm piping your blog's headlines into the SoConBlogs twitter account

Francis Furlong said...

I have never heard a Priest or Bishop , or even a lay person in this Archdioceses speak out against the sins of LGBT, abortion or contraception. It seems our local Priest are more concern with being in the church of nice that they are with being in the Church of God. Pride week, or mortal sin week as I call it, is a cesspool of filth and brainwashing straight from the pits of hell. How our local Priest can not speak out against such public evil is dumbfounding. AS Priest and Bishops they will be judge severally by God. It is sad when you have to come to a blog to get local Catholic teaching because there is none in our Churches.