Sunday, July 13, 2014

America Needs A Genuine Catholic As President

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Catholic Bandita declares that she favours GOP Rick Santorum.

I like the way Rick Santorum comes out strong on fiscal issues – see his new book Blue Collar Conservatives: Recommitting to an America That Works – as his lead argument, but then refuses to back down when asked a question on social issues. He recognizes that the Left is waging a culture war and that we have to fight back to defend the First Amendment and the family as the basic unity of society

I think she makes an important argument about the state of the GOP leadership. She recently covered The Case Against Mitt Romney in 2016 and again made the case for Santorum.

Hopefully Santorum will be better positioned for the Presidential run of 2016. Clearly he is the only Catholic politician in the POTUS contest who reflects, more or less, Catholic social teaching and fidelity to Church doctrine. If I felt the urgent calling to travel to the USA to help any one American presidential candidate get elected in 2016, at this stage it would have to be Santorum.

It really all comes down to the common good.

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