Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Short And Interesting Read On Modernism

Tantumblogo has an interesting post over at A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics asking:

How is it that modernism came back so forcefully from St. Pius X’s crushing of it?

Some interesting points brought to light here.

Another long-time query I've had, is how is it that modernism, which a good number of very solid historians and current-day commenters (for that time) were convinced had been completely shattered by the intervention of Pope Saint Pius X, came roaring back to be basically ascendant in all non-episcopal levers of power by the mid-1940s?
 Lack of vigilance.  Lack of faith. Convenience.  Conditioning.  And a firm belief that the Holy See, even in a “prudential Council,” could do no wrong?

Read the rest here.

Michael Davies wrote a good account of this subject. You can also download some interesting talks from Keep The Faith.

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