Saturday, January 25, 2014

Young Catholic Souls Seriously Compromised By Grave Evils Of Our Day

In this video, Michael Voris makes the point that young Catholic souls have not been properly trained and catechized by Bishops (and Priests) and, as a result, are seriously compromised in their beliefs about grave evils, thus being neutralized, in a sense, in their ability to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the culture. He wonders whether we have been too focused on the slaughter of the unborn and have somehow neglected the living.

I think he may be exaggerating the point for effect because I'm sure he realizes that we are dealing with one and the same problem here: a denial of the authoritative teaching of the Church by the upper echelons of the Church hierarchy, i.e.Bishops, and a practical heresy that actually attempts to root out traditional belief and practice. This explains why catechesis is failing and why we are seeing a pseudo-catholic culture flourishing within parishes, with very few exceptions.

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