Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Baptist Preaches The Sanctity Of Human Life

Have a listen. The preacher is Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church. (They have no affiliation with Westboro Baptist Church but nevertheless many people think of all "fundamentalists" as extremists.)

If you're not used to fundamental Baptist or Evangelical style of preaching, you may have to take a deep breath here and there. Try to get through the whole sermon and you'll be glad you did. Don't underestimate the preacher's zeal. (Think of it as a preparation for the New Evangelization.)

Personally I'd like to hear more fervent, biblically oriented (and Catechism oriented) homilies in the Catholic Church. There is a dearth of the Truth being delivered from Catholic pulpits.

[I don't necessarily endorse everything that is said in this message so if there is anything here contrary to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, the Magisterium is to be wholly respected.]

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