Monday, January 20, 2014

Bishop Callahan Takes Flak From "Progressive" Catholics Over Humanae Vitae

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The Most Reverend William Patrick Callahan of the Diocese of LaCrosse takes heat.

God bless you Your Excellency.

A while ago I spoke concerning the truth and the integrity of Pope Paul VI’s great encyclical letter, Humanae Vitae. I said that it was one of the most prophetic and true papal documents ever written. Believe it or not, I received several letters in response to that statement from all over the country. Some very intelligent people told me that I was truly out of my mind and I should recognize that “we are beyond that” and “nobody believed that stuff then, and even fewer believe it now.”

Some Catholic Bishops never mention Humanae Vitae. It’s as if it never existed. And you’re only guessing if you think you know what the Bishop thinks about contraception. Or what the Bishop allows to slip through marriage preparation instruction…

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