Friday, January 24, 2014

Will Centre Of Life Concert Prove To Be A Truly Pro-Life Initiative?

About a week ago the Archdiocese of St. John's website announced that this evening at 7PM there would be a concert held at the Salvation Army St. John's Citadel. This concert is a fundraising event on behalf of the Centre For Life.

I have previously shared my concerns about the Centre For Life being an adequate and comprehensive advocate for unborn children in NL. The Centre of Life was formerly called the Right To Life Association of NL and is recognized officially as our provincial "pro-life" organization, with the express and exclusive support of our Archbishop. No doubt the Centre does a good work in helping post-abortive women deal truthfully with the deadly choices they have made in the past in order to live healthier and more productive lives. Inasmuch as they succeed in this goal they may even help prevent a repeat abortion.

Where they fall far short is in their lack of any public voice on behalf of unborn children threatened by abortion. This group simply has an extremely low profile in the community, providing virtually no counter-cultural anti-abortion message to the population at large. Simply put, they refuse to confront the culture on the evil of abortion in any significant measure. Furthermore they give the appearance of actually being opposed to the traditional expression of pro-life witness.

Their non-controversial stand seems to be fully endorsed and reinforced by the actions of Archbishop Martin Currie. Again, I have blogged previously on this shocking, cowardly approach which leaves the at-risk unborn children of NL without an official voice and without defense. This is not Catholic and it is doubtful that in any sense it can be considered "Pro-Life."

Had there been an opportunity to stand outside the doors of this venue, my signs might have looked like this:

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