Tuesday, December 10, 2013

UPDATED- Pro-Abortion Nelson Mandela Dies: Catholic Bishops Rush To Tribute

I’ve been constantly beating my drum that a failure by the Catholic Bishops to deal effectively with pro-abortion politicians, particularly Catholic ones, is one of the major factors sustaining the killing of unborn children in Canada and the rest of the world. I’ve reminded everyone I can that the Church clearly teaches that such politicians are to be denied, not only civic honours, but the very Body and Blood of Christ.

But what about those politicians who are not Catholic but who promote anti-life or godless propaganda to their audiences? The US Catholic Bishops dealt with the question of honouring those individuals who acted in defiance of fundamental moral principles. This policy, contained in a 2004 statement “Catholics in Political Life,” says in part:

The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.

Perhaps one of the most egregious violations of this policy in recent years was the decision of Notre Dame University to honour pro-abortion President Barack Obama. A firestorm ensued.

And now we see the news reports about the death of Nelson Mandela and the tributes pouring in from high profile Catholic leaders, including the Pope and Cardinal Dolan.

One Canadian prolife blogger squarely hit the target as far as I am concerned.

Do the bodies of unborn children mean so little to them that they cannot reflect for a moment on what they are doing?  Can they not see that their words of unqualified praise for a pro-abortion politician have cheapened human life and given scandal?

Some of the best summaries on this travesty are surveyed in these news items:

But, thank  God, at least one Bishop had the fortitude and fidelity to set some kind of example:

Abortion is such an insidious evil. It has behind it the subtle power of Hell itself that blinds and corrupts otherwise good men who ought to condemn it at every possible opportunity but who have for the most part acquiesced to the evil. Who can argue? Actions speak much louder than words.

120,000 little children worldwide will pay with their lives TODAY for this dereliction.


The Catholic Bishops of the USA have issued their statement on the death of Nelson Mandela. It’s more of the same. My comments are in brackets and in red.

WASHINGTON—Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, said the death of Nelson Mandela marked the passing of an era and an icon, Dec. 6, the day after the South African and world leader died in his homeland.

His statement follows.

Christians, people of faith and all people of good will mourn the news of Nelson Mandela’s death, the passing of an icon and an era.

In his struggle against apartheid rule, Nelson Mandela was a light for peace and equality [Peace? Remember Mother Teresa’s words on peace and abortion. Equality? Don’t all human beings deserve equal treatment?] in his country and for the whole world. His years of imprisonment exemplified the suffering experienced by so many who seek justice. [But why was Mandela in prison? He was found guilty of committing 156 acts of violence and terror.] As president of South Africa, Mandela sought to undo the structures that marginalized and impoverished people [but then Mandela went on to institute new structures that have led to the deaths of over one million unborn children in his native land, in addition to legalizing the worst social evils]– work Pope Francis is now challenging the entire world to imitate [Breathtaking! Imagine, considering the dark side of Mandela's history, making no distinction in exactly what kind of actions that Pope Francis is calling us to imitate].

The prayers of the bishops of the United States are with the Mandela family and with the people, the Church and the bishops of South Africa. We thank God for his brave witness and for all men and women who work against injustice [but which is the greatest social injustice of all time?] and seek, in the words of Pope John XXIII, “to make the human sojourn on earth less sad.”

The Canadian Bishops likewise issued their statement and similar commentary can be made. However, the Canadian Bishops also claimed to revere Mandela “as a man of integrity” whose aim was “to focus on each person's inherent dignity and strive for the common good.” Furthermore they emphasized Mandela’s call to redirect systems and institutions "so as to cater for the needs of development and the interests of the poor".

Speaking of integrity how is it possible for Catholic Bishops to issue such blanket statements of praise for a politician with such a dark side? Supposing they were altogether overcome by the positive contributions of this famous man, ought they not take the rare opportunity afforded by a worldwide audience to alert the masses to the true nature of human rights and the common good, as reflected in Catholic teaching? Couldn’t they manage at least, a more candid Catholic assessment?

I fear, however, they lack the discernment of the Spirit of God. Have they not crossed the line, to the point of confusing evil for good, by omission, if not commission? Their profound negligence leads even the most respected Catholics to wonder whether they are not supping with devils. And that makes our times all the more dangerous for every one of us. Starting with the weakest member.

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