Friday, December 13, 2013

Angry Catholic Michael Voris Meets Up With Very Offensive Judie Brown

Excerpts pasted together from last week’s Mic’d Up at ChurchMilitant.TV.

Am I suggesting that Michael Voris is an angry loudmouth? Not at all. I believe God Himself is angry about the very same things. I also believe God will have His day mouthing off (and more!) to the guilty parties. While I don't think Voris is right in everything he says or does with ChurchMilitant.TV, he's on solid ground on the subject matter covered by this video.

What about Judie Brown? Do I consider her to be a very offensive lady? Not to me, not in the least. She is a truth teller. I've said it before. However, I’m sure that those she exposes and criticizes find her offensive in the extreme.

And those of us in Canada needn’t think that none of this applies to us or to our Bishops and Priests. In fact, I believe we are worse off. A recent incident provides a glimpse into the neglect of one Canadian Bishop to properly form the consciences of the faithful. No, I'm not picking on a Bishop for doing a good thing like promoting Confession. I'm talking about a pattern that has been perverting or undermining Catholic spirituality for more than 40 years.

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