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Msgr. Vincent Foy Challenges Defense of Teilhard de Chardin in Catholic Insight

At Milites Veritatis blog, the latest posting details a very recent letter from Msgr. Vincent Foy to the Editor of Catholic Insight regarding a certain statement or correspondence in favour of the heterodox Teilhard de Chardin. The life and times of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin are themselves a microcosm of the Church’s battle against modernism.

I don’t subscribe to Catholic Insight any longer so I have not seen the item in question. However I am familiar with the tremendous damage done to the Faith by this false prophet Teilhard de Chardin. I am surprised that the Editor of Catholic Insight did not himself address the controversial comments but I am very glad the Msgr. continues to be a watchman of Catholic orthodoxy.

Below is the content of the letter drawn from the posting at Milites Veritatis (hyperlinks added where appropriate).

The Editor
Catholic Insight

December 8, 2013

Msgr. Vincent Foy JCD
3276 St. Clair Ave East, 414
Toronto, ON
MIL  1W1

Re: Teilhard de Chardin

Dear Editor,

In the December 2013 issue of Catholic Insight there is a letter in defence of Teilhard de Chardin.

The attack on Teilhard de Chardin is compared to the attacks on St. John of the Cross, St. Jerome, St. Augustine, the Works of St. Gregory the Great, St. Thomas Aquinas and others.

There is a big difference. The attacks on the former were unjust. The attacks on Teilhard de Chardin are justified.

Pope Pius XII proclaimed “Deitrich von Hildebrand is the 20th century doctor of the Church." In the collection  of the writings of von Hildebrand called ''The  Charitable  Anathema",  published  by Roman Catholic Books, a chapter on the heresies and errors of Teilhard de Chardin, is called "Teilhard de Chardin:  Towards  a  New Religion."  Von Hildebrand says "I had the occasion to speak to Teilhard personally.  As our talk touched on St. Augustine, he exclaimed violently: 'Don't mention this unfortunate man; he spoiled everything by introducing the supernatural.'

This remark confirmed the impression I had gained of the crass naturalism of his views."

In fact, from 1926, when his Jesuit superiors forbade Teilhard to teach, he was the object of many warnings from his religious order and from the Holy See. Popes Pius XI, Pius XII, John XXIII and Paul VI consistently tried to prevent the spread of his grave errors. By the authority of Pope John XXIII, all Ordinaries, Superiors and Rectors were asked to effectively protect, especially   the  minds  of  the  young, against  the  dangers  of  the  works  of Teilhard  de Chardin and his followers (Acts of the Apostolic See, August 6, 1962).

As Jacques Maritain wrote in "The Peasant of Garrone’’ (p. 269): "In the works of Teilhard de Chardin, we are in the realm of ‘Great Fables’".

Detailed  refutations  of  the heresies  and  errors  of Teilhard  de Chardin  are found  in such  books as "Teilhardism and  the New Religion  - A Thorough Analysis  of the Teachings  of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin" (Tan Books) and "Theistic  Evolution: The Teilhardian  Heresy" (Angelico  Press),  both by Dr. Wolfgang  Smith.  Dr. Smith gives evidence of how Teilhard uses Catholic terms in a way not intended by the Church.

Msgr. Vincent Foy P.H., J.C.D.

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