Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013: The State Of Catholicity In Our Nation

During my year as a hospital chaplain at a “Christian” hospital, I was reminded of something every day and every night. My fellow Protestant Chaplain Coworkers, and I, were not encouraged to talk about Jesus or God in our daily 20 to 40 room visits. If a woman was struggling over whether or not to have an abortion, we were told by our department NOT to tell them the Christian position, we were simply supposed to be there as an emotional support, NOT as a religious or spiritual messenger. If a family asked for the Christian teaching on removal of nutrition and hydration, why were we told not to give Christian teaching, but it was ok to give the hospice and palliative care teaching on not wasting unnecessary money on a person in their last few years of life.

I frequently asked the department heads: “What makes a chaplain different from an atheistic hostess whose job it is to give warm fuzzy feelings?” Never got a good answer. The 8 Protestant chaplains I worked with, and I, were told to NEVER push Christianity on anyone, this was called “inflicting ministry.” We were basically supposed to be embarrassed of Jesus and His gospel. If there was a Jew, or Jehova, or Muslim, or a Hari Krishna believer, we were encouraged to go into deep conversation with them about their spiritual and religious beliefs. It was cool to talk religion in the chaplain department when it was the religion of Mohammad or Hari Krishnas, but it was not cool to get deep into Jesus or His gospel. So it is ok to get deep and religious with Moslems, Jews, Jehovas and Hari Krishnas, but it is NOT ok to go deep into religion or God with Protestants and Catholics????

Why is it ok for Miley Cyrus to dress half naked and do sexually explicit things on international T.V., and she gets props for it, but when an outdoorsman talks about his Christian belief that homosexual marriage is wrong, he is guilty of a politically incorrect hate crime? There are heroic people who struggle with homosexuality, we are not referring to them, we are referring to those who push for legitimizing “alternative lifestyles.”

Why does the preferred political party of the majority of Protestants and Catholics in America embrace a pro abortion and pro alternative lifestyles platform, officially, because they believe it is wrong to violate a person’s free will, but then this same political party violates the free will of all American tax payers by FORCING them to pay for health insurance that pays for abortions and sex changes? Why is it holy for THEIR consciences not to be violated, but it is not holy for the rest of America’s consciences not to be violated?

If these hypocricies and stupidities are not made right in this life, they will be made right in the next life.

Only the Catholic Bishops can turn this around. They need our help.

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