Wednesday, December 18, 2013

UPDATED: Pamela Anderson And PETA Come to St. John’s NL To End The Slaughter

I guess I used the wrong tactics when I tried to make my statement about a different kind of slaughter taking place.

My blood boiled at the hypocrisy and ignorance of a local religious group. But who am I?

Randy Simms accused me of “running interference” and raining on someone else’s parade. What does Randy think of Mark Critch’s actions?

More to the point, what does he think of Mark Critch’s anger: ‘My blood boiled at his ignorance’. But as usual, Liberals believe anger is a right-wing evil except when their ideology needs to be advanced.

Mark Critch should thank his lucky stars the RNC wasn’t alerted to his ambush plans.

Almost as though Randy Simms heard me, four days after this posting, an opinion piece by Randy Simms, entitled “Seals, Appeals and Trade Deals” showed up in The Telegram. Here’s the core passage:

The entire charade was silly. Thankfully, comedian Mark Critch of “22 Minutes” fame showed up and hijacked the whole thing. His offer of a $165 cheque to Anderson to give up acting was brilliant satire. Some people felt he went too far and his sarcasm was not really funny. I disagree. It was a classic move — a “fight fire with fire” moment.

I suspect then that if Pamela’s organizers had heard that Mark was on his way to “hijack the whole thing” and arranged to have the RNC throw him in a paddy wagon until the press conference was over, Randy would have been altogether outraged by such a Machiavellian move. And would have hit the air waves in protest.

But as I said back at the time of my “encounter” with the RNC, shining a light on the destruction of unborn children by abortion is politically incorrect, and remains an acceptable prejudice even by the most “tolerant” liberals.

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