Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Lord Monckton tells America to Face Reality or Die

I’ve seen Christopher Monckton being interviewed many times on TV and in some ways he comes across as eccentric, even somewhat weird. I’m sure many would characterize him as being wide eyed and loony. But when I listen to him I can’t help but think that he’s much more credible and insightful than his appearance and mannerisms would suggest.

Lord Monckton prescribes some strong medicine for Americans who have just “resolved” their fiscal cliff crisis.

Nations that willfully refuse to face reality die. Yet in the past week the only thing that most members of Congress faced was the fiscal cliff they were clinging to by their grubby fingernails.

The trouble with clinging to the fiscal cliff is that all you see is the cliff, inches in front of your nose. You don’t see the wider reality that faces America and the West in 2013: the reality of impending national bankruptcy and third-world status.

Rest of story here.

Not that I hold any reasonable expectation that any of the current crop of US politicians will heed such warnings, least of all President Barack Obama. They have so compromised themselves over the years.

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