Thursday, January 03, 2013

Cod Comeback Seen off Newfoundland

I thought the video above was well suited to a recent story from CBC on a possible cod comeback in our province. The story featured Fisheries scientist George Rose expressing his cautious optimism about the shape of northern cod stocks.
Northern cod appear to be in better shape than any time since Ottawa imposed a moratorium on the Newfoundland and Labrador fishery two decades ago, a leading fisheries scientist says.

But George Rose, a former federal fisheries scientist who has studied cod stocks for decades, says the improvement is not nearly strong enough or well documented to warrant an increase in cod quotas.

"I haven't seen that amount of fish or the size of the fish that we encountered this spring in, well, it's over 20 years," said Rose, director of the Centre for Fisheries Ecosystem Research at Memorial University.

"We really are at a new beginning, particularly with regards to caplin and the cod, which seem to be on the increase — at least in some areas," he told CBC News.
Rest of story here.

Maybe when our oil runs out in say 20 years or less, we’ll be back in the fish business.

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