Sunday, January 06, 2013

Canada Speaking up for Persecuted Christians in Middle East

“In our tolerant society, too many are saying that Christians are getting what’s coming to them,” Kenney said. “This is a new form of blood libel. It must be repudiated at every opportunity. There are more Christians persecuted around the world than any other group by orders of magnitude.”

Excellent reporting by Simon Kent of the Toronto Sun. You need to read the entire article. (Comments are very revealing!)

I fully agree here with recent remarks by Minister Jason Kenney. He is taking very courageous steps for a politician of our day. The political correctness and downright dangerous ideologies of other top Western politicians, most notably President Barack Obama, in regard to worldwide Christian persecution is unconscionable. Do we (the West) hate our religious roots and tradition so much that we turn a blind eye to the increasing plight of the world’s Christians—while pandering to Islam—or are we altogether ignorant of our civilizational history?

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