Friday, April 18, 2014

UPDATED: Pro-Lifer Frank Coleman To Be Next Premier of NL

UPDATED: see updates at end of posting.

This should be interesting. I think Coleman's statement to the press about his pro-life past and his "personally opposed but won't impose his views" approach will be criticized by both sides. Notice what his fellow marcher said about him in the interview--something sure to cause waves.

An extensive and impressive bio of family man Frank Coleman.

The story turns national.

Expect the hounds of hell to be unleashed over the weekend.

I note this paragraph from a story in The Telegram.
In a news release Thursday, the PC party said Coleman must still be confirmed by delegates as its leader at the July 5 leadership convention, according to the party’s constitution.
From VOCM Radio:
Coleman Responds to Questions About Right to Life Stance

UPDATE Monday April 21

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