Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Frank Coleman Sells Out On Pro-Life Beliefs

VOCM reported this morning that Frank Coleman provided them with an interview last evening on the controversy swirling about his pro-life advocacy and his soon-to-be premiership of the province.

Was this predictable? Sadly, yes. We've had a long history in Canada of "devout" Catholics decimating the Canadian landscape by sponsoring unjust laws and plain evil, all in the name of "I'm personally opposed, but..." Others just work like the devil to avoid saying anything on the subject of evils. Then again, when Catholic Bishops themselves don't defend Catholic tradition and teaching, why should we expect "ordinary" Catholics to do so?

Wouldn't it have been appropriate at this crucial time in the Coleman campaign for a Catholic Bishop in the province to have spoken up on the matter of the evil of abortion and the Catholic call to defend life at all stages, especially through laws and regulations, as per Catholic teaching such as Evangelium Vitae? Instead, we had the usual silence. Was Frank Coleman left on his own to figure it all out? Perhaps that's the real travesty here.

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  • The Huffington Post weighs in, now that the dirty deed is done.
Coleman said he would still like to attend the pro-life walk once he becomes premier, but he said he won't do so if it would detract from the walk's current peaceful atmosphere.
  • Mr. Coleman went on VOCM Open Line this morning to discuss his "pro-life" position. We now know the Walk for Life was, for him, more like a "parade", than a protest or any statement calling for change in the status quo of killing unborn children in the womb.  Rather, he says, it's a walk to "indicate that there may be an alternative." All comments considered, his interview was a shocking betrayal of the Catholic and pro-life position. I wonder what his family and those who "paraded" with him think of his comments today. Listen to the interview below.

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Thomas moore said...

Big surprise! Imagine - a politician talking from both sides of their mouth.
Galatians 1:10 is a verse every politician should pray about, and then before deciding where they stand on an issue they should be reminded of Matthew 10:33.... Coleman, I fear has "denied" God before man by selling short on his God-given conviction.