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Local Women Who Run Baby Killing Centre Received Eucharist At St. Teresa's Parish

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Two sisters in St. John’s, one apparently a nurse, from a Catholic family work together at the same killing centre, formerly the Morgentaler “Clinic”, at 202 LeMarchant Rd. in St. John’s, NL.

Rolanda Ryan 
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  • According to LinkedIn Business Network
Athena Health Centre
August 2010 – Present (3 years 8 months)

Arlena Management
August 2008 – August 2010 (2 years 1 month)

Rolanda Ryan's Education
Dalhousie University
Master of Health Services Administration
1995 – 1997

Memorial University
Bachelor of Nursing
1992 – 1995

  • Athena Health Centre listed as replacing Morgentaler Clinic.
  • Rolanda Ryan listed as Clinic Manager when premises were under management by Morgentaler Clinic
  • Rolanda Ryan is a pro-abortion activist:
Pro-choice activist Rolanda Ryan said the head count might be misleading, as there is what she called "complacency" among many Canadians about existing laws that make abortion legal.

"I think we just need to counter the anti-choice protest, and let everybody know there is a lot of people who support women's rights," she told CBC News.   
  • Rolanda Ryan Tweets out her baby killing ideology and fights those who seek to protect innocent human beings:
In a Tweet on Sept 28, 2013, Rolanda Ryan commented on an article published online entitled “Abortion Care is a Calling.” Read the article here. Rolanda’s comment: “Well said, you're a hero!”

Darlene Ryan Derible
  •  Office Manager at her sister's place (Athena Health Centre) (according to her Facebook page)
Facebook photo-Choice Chain Protest


Choice Chain Protest 2013
picture below taken from Facebook and can be viewed, along with rest of conversation here

Reliable reports indicate that one of the sisters attend Mass infrequently if not very infrequently while the other sister more frequently but perhaps not regularly. Those who carry out pro-life vigils in front of the abortion mill know both sisters very well from regular contact and conversations that have taken place outside the centre.

At a Mass at St. Teresa’s Catholic Church on Mundy Pond Road in September 2012 at around the time of Rolanda’s husband’s death both Rolanda Ryan, as well as Darlene Ryan Derible, joined the Communion line and received the Holy Eucharist. Celebrant was Fr. Roy Thomas. Catholics who know both Rolanda and Darlene have confirmed that both individuals received Holy Communion at that time and possibly at other special times when family members have been remembered at Mass at either St. Teresa’s or at St. Patrick’s, etc. At least one concerned Catholic approached Fr. Roy Thomas after Mass at that time to protest the reception of Holy Communion by these women on grounds that they work at the local abortuary.

Regarding the funeral notice linked above, the following is noted:  “Flowers gratefully accepted or donations in Ken's honor, to a charity he supported for the last two decades, would be equally appreciated. Donations may be made to: Planned Parenthood, 203 Merrymeeting Road, St. John’s, NL, A1C 2W6.”

Now this entire tragedy spells S-C-A-N-D-A-L in a multitude of ways: scandalous that someone raised Catholic could ever contemplate facilitating or assisting in the murder of unborn children, let alone protesting in public a woman’s “right” to murder her children; scandalous that fellow Catholics could sit in pews and watch known baby killers join in the Communion line to desecrate the Holy Eucharist without rushing to protect the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ from sacrilege; scandalous that priests can’t/won’t/don’t stop it; scandalous that Bishops seem indifferent or powerless to address such abominations. 

But apparently it's a scandal only to a few "extremist" Catholics like myself. It certainly is not much of a scandal at all to the great majority of the Catholics involved. After all, did we see a front page notice in the local newspaper or the Archdiocesan website lamenting the fact that so-called Catholics who run the local abortion centre received Holy Communion inadvertently last Sunday at St. Teresa's parish? Did we hear that local Catholics were so outraged to discover this that they demanded from the Archbishop assurances that such a thing might never happen again? Did we subsequently see on the Archdiocesan website or the Archbishop's blog a statement from Archbishop Currie that such a disgrace would never happen in his Archdiocese a second time?

Questions like these are best answered outside Catholic parishes by Catholics themselves.

Clearly there has been a breakdown of monumental proportions here given the official teaching of the Catholic Church on abortion, the Holy Eucharist, grave sin, Canon law and scandal. It’s almost as though we might be dealing in Canada with a different religion altogether, of a pseudo-catholic nature.

Almost, or actually?

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I am shocked that your priest would allow this.