Saturday, April 12, 2014

Channeling Teilhard de Chardin

Would you like to know what Jesus really said? Would you like to discover a "hidden gospel" that “has been finally revealed to us?”

Apparently what Holy Mother Church has taught is somehow no longer sufficient. Sadly, and to the detriment of the souls of so many, she must have missed that “hidden gospel.”

These heretics are all alike. Monsignor Foy does his best to expose them.

Former Jesuit Louis Savary channels Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and “shares insights into the work of St. Ignatius re-envisioned with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's powerful integration of faith and science.”

...happening next month at Dominican Center at Marywood, East Grand Rapids, MI

I wonder when Savary will make it to our Archdiocese, compliments of one of our religious communities of Sisters, committed to the development of spirituality?

I recently discovered an American Bishop, Christopher Coyne, Auxiliary Bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis, very active on Twitter who really admires arch-heretic de Chardin. Take a look.

I also discovered a posting claiming that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI endorsed de Chardin.

PPS2 Our own Archbishop Martin Currie, names Fr. Ron Rolheiser as one of 5 only links on his My Blog List. Catholic Culture has red-flagged Rolheiser on fidelity to Church teachings and in this report reveals that Rolheiser “takes his inspiration from Teilhard de Chardin, who went out of fashion a couple decades ago but is now, with the popularity of the New Age movement, making a comeback.”

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