Monday, February 10, 2014

Which Came First: Cohabitation Or Contraception?

As you probably know, a debate in the Catholic Church over divorce and remarriage is heating up.

The recent Vatican questionnaire really brought the full extent of the rebellion in focus. All according to plan, I feel sure.

What sparked the title of this blog posting was this quote:  

The responses to the questions showed that cohabitation before marriage and contraception are almost universally accepted. As they are not considered “sinful”, they are therefore not usually considered something to be confessed.

It came from a story in last week’s The Tablet about the results of the Vatican questionnaire from England and Wales.

I have recently noticed that Catholic Priests and Bishops seem to be placing more and more focus on the phenomenon of cohabitation than ever before. Have you noticed too? I think it’s a convenient cover for them since they can now point to cohabitation as one of our greatest challenges rather than ever have to bring up contraception. Of course, nobody ever cohabitates without fornication (or adultery). And nobody fornicates without some kind of contraception.

The Bishops have doomed the West to a moral and demographic collapse due to their failure to uphold Catholic teaching on artificial contraception. They avoid the subject like a plague. Their chickens are coming home to roost in a big way in the USA with the HSS mandate and same sex “marriage” tsunami.

But let’s not be confused about the real culprit here and which came first.

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