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FLASHBACK: Archbishop Collins Of Edmonton Would Withhold Communion

A posting taken from the Island Catholic blogspot Nov. 15, 2005 (blog no longer accessible). Note that Archbishop Collins is now a Cardinal.

Sorry I’ve been slow on my blogging lately…just gives you time to read those entries that got pushed back into the archives right?

There’s ruminating and cogitating happening but not a lot to regurgitate yet. :)

But I do want to take time to feature Archbishop Thomas Collins (link no longer working) of Edmonton, Alberta, after I read this little tidbit (link no longer working; article now posted here) a few days ago.

The Archbishop has said that Bishops should withhold communion from political leaders who profess to be faithful Catholics but whose decisions violate the basic tenets of their faith. Bishop Collins was in Rome along with 256 Roman Catholic bishops, cardinals and heads of religious orders from 118 countries to attend the three-week Synod of Bishops in October.

Even though the Synod Propositions did not make the same strong pronouncement that Archbishop Collins made, I think the Archbishop is very much in line with the Pope’s thinking (link no longer working; similar reporting here) on the matter, as well as certain Cardinals, and other so-called “activist” Bishops.

The Synod’s Proposition 46, entitled “Eucharistic Coherence of Catholic Politicians and Lawmakers” states:

Catholic politicians and lawmakers must feel especially questioned in their conscience, properly formed, about the grave social responsibility of introducing and supporting iniquitous laws. There is no Eucharistic coherence when laws are promoted that go against man's integral good, against justice and the natural law. Private and public choice cannot be separated, placing oneself in contradiction with the law of God and the teaching of the Church, and this must also be considered in regard to the Eucharistic reality (cf. 1 Corinthians 11:27-29).

In applying this guideline, Bishops must exercise the virtues of fortitude and prudence, taking into account the concrete local situations.

Unfortunately, that last sentence leaves all (cowardly) options on the table.

Nevertheless, it’s wonderful to hear of another Canadian Bishop [besides Bishop Henry] with the courage to say what he did about derelict politicians.

I’ve been doing a little investigative study online pertaining to Archbishop Collins and I like what I’m seeing. Archbishop Collins appears to be a wise and active Bishop.

While Archbishop Harry Flynn of St. Paul-Minneapolis barred the Legionaries of Christ from his archdiocese saying they were encouraging a "parallel church," the Legionaries of Christ have a close relationship (link no longer working) with the archbishop of Edmonton.

Collins called the Legionaries

a religious order very much approved by the Holy Father. I think they are doing very good work. I've tried to work together very closely with both the Legionaries' representative and also with the local Regnum Christi people to be sure that they are connected into the local Church, the local parish.

The Regnum Christi people have been most cooperative; very, very cooperative. And they are very zealous, active parishioners and I have great admiration for their work.

Last December, Archbishop Collins asked his parishes (link no longer working) to spend time every week during the next year in Eucharistic Adoration. The Bishop said,

holding weekly Eucharistic Adoration in every parish would be a suitable way to celebrate the Year of the Eucharist, which began Oct. 17 and will end with the world synod. People could come before the Eucharistic glory, and then return to the world with peace in their hearts to convey the message of Jesus.

He also said that he’d like to develop perpetual adoration at places in the archdiocese where it is realistic to do so.

Real good plan Archbishop. Excellent in fact.

The Archbishop has also been busy warning about the dangers of gambling (link no longer working).

When any Catholic group is doing fundraising, they have to be very careful of the method used to raise money. They have to make sure the method they use does not harm people. Gambling is becoming bigger and bigger. It raises a very real concern, that different types of gambling might attract people leading them to being addicted.

The Archbishop did not ban bingo from his diocese, as did Bishop Henry, but he’s been issuing strong alerts.

You know, it’s difficult to know just how much to praise up a Bishop when you don’t know much about him. The fear is that maybe tomorrow you’ll hear something about him or his teaching that greatly undermines the faith. Or maybe he's just talking lots and giving PR statements and doing nothing courageous or bold to build up his people in the faith or fight evil in his diocese.

But I do like what I hear about Archbishop Collins. Be sure to thank God for him and pray in your own special way for much increase in grace for him.

One last point…anyone else out there know a thing or two about Bishop Collins?

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