Thursday, September 26, 2013

Will Archbishop of St. John’s Publicly Condemn Vicious Assault on Local Pro-Lifer?

In light of recent events, "Be Not Afraid" is the perfect theme for the conference detailed in this posting.
On Friday and Saturday, September 27-28, Campaign Life Coalition of Canada (CLC) will be featured at the annual Newfoundland and Labrador pro-life banquet and conference. Jim Hughes, National President of the Campaign Life Coalition of Canada and Patrick Craine, Canadian Bureau Chief of, a leader of the national pro-life media, will be among the keynote speakers. Dr. Stella Edwards, Doctor of Psychotherapy at Wedgewood Medical Clinic in St. John’s Newfoundland is also a guest speaker who will be talking on Abortion Aftermath.  Dr. Edwards will also speak at the gathering on Confederation Hill. This conference will also serve as a rally for the launch of the national "Defund Abortion Rally." (See CLC website.)

To register or for information contact Colette Fleming at 364-1119, or Margaret Hynes at 709-279-2580 or

The Archbishop of St. John’s, Archbishop Martin Currie, is expected to attend the conference event on Saturday. He is currently in attendance at the Plenary Assembly of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and is expected to return to St. John’s in time for the conference, I have been told.

I would like to see the Archbishop publicly condemn the assault which took place on my person by a fellow Catholic while I was protesting abortion at St. Patrick’s Church on this past Sunday. Some people have said that the priests, and possibly the Archbishop himself, are quite upset with my protests which take place at the various parishes in and around St. John’s. The aim of these protests is to stir the consciences of Catholics to stand firmly against abortion and the underlying causes of abortion (e.g. contraception, dissent from Church teachings, profanation of the Holy Eucharist, etc.). The clergy are generally highly resistant to such a message and, again, I have been told that many priests might be sympathetic to my attacker who himself, I believe, holds a respected position at St. Patrick’s Church. For this reason I believe it is extremely critical for the Archbishop to make public comment condemning such hostility and violence and also affirming the right of all Catholics—indeed all individuals—to peacefully protest the heinous crime of abortion, at any time and any venue.

Will the Archbishop please honour my request? The Pro-Life Conference would be an ideal and most opportune time to make such a statement and to further attract media attention to the pro-life cause.


A Further Important Note

LifeChain is an annual prayerful and silent public witness to life, held on the same day on the street corners in every Canadian province and American state. To ensure that the most eastern link is upheld, Pro-Life NL will be hosting LifeChain in front of the abortuary at 202 LeMarchant Road on Sunday, October 6th at 2:30pm. You are invited to join us as we pray and promote awareness! For info contact

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