Sunday, September 29, 2013

Archbishop Attends Pro-Life Conference: Declines Invite To Speak

The Archbishop of St. John’s, Archbishop Martin Currie, managed to find time to attend the Pro-Life Conference event on Saturday. He arrived later in the morning and left a couple hours later due to a previous appointment.

Jim Hughes, National President of the Campaign Life Coalition of Canada (CLC), invited the Archbishop shortly after he arrived to address the conference. The Archbishop, who was sitting not too distant from me, declined. (There was no conversation between the Archbishop and me.)

I had previously called upon the Archbishop to condemn my recent attack for the following reason:

Some people have said that the priests, and possibly the Archbishop himself, are quite upset with my protests which take place at the various parishes in and around St. John’s. The aim of these protests is to stir the consciences of Catholics to stand firmly against abortion and the underlying causes of abortion (e.g. contraception, dissent from Church teachings, profanation of the Holy Eucharist, etc.). The clergy are generally highly resistant to such a message and, again, I have been told that many priests might be sympathetic to my attacker who himself, I believe, holds a respected position at St. Patrick’s Church. For this reason I believe it is extremely critical for the Archbishop to make public comment condemning such hostility and violence and also affirming the right of all Catholics—indeed all individuals—to peacefully protest the heinous crime of abortion, at any time and any venue.

I also asked Father Dohey to do the very same thing in order to prevent scandal amongst the faithful. There has been no public response forthcoming from either the Archbishop or Father Dohey.

Needless to say, I find the silence of the Archbishop and Father Dohey to be not only extremely disappointing but disgraceful under the circumstances. Then again, regarding the abortion holocaust, Catholic clergy avoid the subject like the plague. That is in fact why the killing continues and why I carry my signs to Catholic parishes.

There are other things I'd like to say about this sad story so there may be an update to this posting. Be sure to check back.

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