Sunday, September 22, 2013

Canada: Get Your Eyes Open

Today I left in the morning as usual to protest at several parishes in St. John's area with abortion signage.

At St. Patrick's Church I was standing on the sidewalk with my usual signage when a well dressed gentleman strolled towards me and when he was about 15 feet away he yelled out: "Get that sign off our property" and by that time he was at the edge of my sign and then gave it a huge shove. Since I was holding up the sign, I went with it and before I could even think about what was happening he took advantage of me being off balance and gave me a big push out onto the road. Basically I went flying and hit the ground hard, fortunately not on my head. However, more fortunately still, no traffic was coming my way or it could have been lights out.

I picked myself up, got my hat and picked up my sign and within a minute or two was back to my spot. The man had gone into the Church by that time. But I didn't have to call the police. Someone in the Church had already called the police and said there had been a confrontation with an anti-abortion protester. Nice twist, eh? The police soon arrived.

When the police arrived I had to clear up that confusion and explain that the confrontation was 100% on the other side. I didn't know the man nor did I say a word to him. I have the proof because I videotape all my protest events. As I explained to the police I will be processing my video and will be filing a formal complaint to lay charges.

More to come.

Canada, do you see what you are becoming? When the ones who expose the violence become the targets of new violence? And that violence is perpetrated by well dressed Catholics minutes away from Mass who take offense that you are "on our property."

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