Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Of Course Late Term Abortions Take Place in Canada as Well

Only last week, Suzanne at Big Blue Wave posted about the reality of late term abortions taking place in Canada (and elsewhere) and the skepticism expressed by abortion advocates towards such claims.

The debate over the truth of such claims has intensified in recent days amidst the controversy surrounding Bill C-484. Today, Suzanne posts again on the subject, sharing information obtained from British sources.

The study looked at 239 abortions performed at this tertiary centre, between the years 2000 and 2005.

The range of gestational ages were from 20 weeks, 6 days to 36 weeks, 3 days. Practically full-term, if you ask me.

They were killed by injecting potassium chloride into the baby's heart. I know some of you who are reading probably delivered children at that age.

Imagine taking that same baby and injecting potassium chloride into his heart.

That's just sick.

But hey, fetuses are not that important! And fetuses are none of our business. As Joyce Arthur would say. If they happen to suffer an injection of potassium chloride to the heart, well, too bad. They're not "living breathing" human beings, so their pain doesn't count. They had the misfortune of not drawing oxygen through their lungs, their welfare and suffering is utterly irrelevant.

Never mind that these babies would have had to been expelled through a normal delivery process anyway. They could have been delivered live and given palliative care. They would have been "living, breathing" by then, but since they're not before, who cares, right?

Yes, it is a shocking reality that this same barbarism takes place in Canada as well, at least to some extent, perhaps at a rate comparable to the British statistics.

But bear in mind that whether 24 weeks old or 24 days old, the Unborn are human beings and killing them at any stage is a grave moral offense.

If you’d like to get more details on the late term version of child killing and you have the stomach for it, you can do this search on Suzanne’s blog and scroll down through a long list of postings on the subject.

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