Friday, April 04, 2008

MercatorNet Confronts and Dissects Their Enemies

Do you subscribe to MercatorNet’s weekly newsletter? I recommend their articles.

This is what they claim about themselves.

We're proud to have enemies and we attack them repeatedly by confronting them with evidence. Here they are: moral relativism, scientism, crass commercialism, utilitarianism, materialism -- in short, any ism which reduces persons to ciphers and treats them as soulless machines. We delight in dissecting media cliches.

I highlight in particular three items from this week’s mailing of MercatorNet.

Who's oppressing who?
Barbara Kay, one of Canada's leading newspaper columnists takes on the ideology of feminism.

What's wrong with postmodernism?
Islam is not the only ideology competing for the loyalty of the West.

The donut of liberal history
In a new book about the evolution of liberty in the West, 1500 years of Christian civilization counts for nothing.

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