Monday, April 07, 2008

Catholic Website Drawing Thousands Back to the Faith

Catholic News Agency reports some phenomenal results from a Catholic lay organization that is succeeding in bringing people back to the Catholic Church through its unique website ministry and television ads.

In less than three weeks, 3,000 Catholics returned to the Church in the Diocese of Phoenix due to the effort of a new lay apostolate, The program consists of a website and commercials aired on local television that effectively portray the truth and goodness of the Catholic Church.

It’s a very comprehensive website and people are directed to the site through very compelling and professional videos. Visitors are provided with answers to questions about Church teachings and why strong faith is important in today’s busy and confusing world. The site also offers an overview of the faith, with additional resources and a local parish finder.

Seventy-eight of the 100 participants had positive responses to the ads. In another assessment, the organization found that before watching the videos, 90% of the participants had negative impressions of the Catholic Church. After viewing ads one time, 54% had a much more favorable impression. Hearts and minds were changed after viewing these creative and inspired ads.

The video ads are all available on the website.

Not only have people enjoyed the video clips, but they have also succeeded in bringing people back to the Church. One woman, Angela, said that she became an agnostic 20 years ago. After watching the video she commented, “How is it that after seeing the commercial one time, I go to the website, look up my local church and go home?”

It's a fantastic idea and obviously every diocese ought to have just such a website and program to help wayward and lost souls.

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