Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pro Abortion Politicians Must Confess Grave Sin

So says Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmsted in his recent booklet to parishioners.

In fact this outspoken Catholic Bishop actually believes that abortion is intrinsically evil (this is the consistent teaching of the Church) and constitutes the murder of the unborn child.

In a previous posting I spoke about such belief and a joint statement made by Evangelicals and Catholics. In that posting I referred to the kinds of common sense actions that reasonable Christians might take if they truly believed that abortion constituted the murder of an innocent human being.

Bishop Olmsted matches his belief with actions. Take a look:

One hundred thousand copies of his booklet were quickly released for distribution at diocesan parishes. His booklet has been made available for national distribution.

The Bishop expects Catholics, and especially Catholic politicians, to defend “with the maximum determination” the “most basic and fundamental right (the right to life) and the condition for all other personal rights.”

The Bishop expects Catholic politicians who support and promote abortion to repent publicly “since the harm done would be public in nature, the amendment should also be public.”

Until such politicians make amends, they are not eligible to receive Communion, nor are they expected to present themselves for Communion.

In his homilies Bishop Olmsted preaches against abortion and those who promote abortion, including Planned Parenthood.

Bishop Olmsted promotes prayer and peaceful demonstrations outside abortion facilities within his diocese and participates in such activities himself.

The Bishop insists his people “be well-informed about the candidates and the key public issues” and to NEVER vote against the “non-negotiables,” first of which is respecting the right to life.

He urges Catholics to pray daily (through the rosary) for an end to abortion and a reversal of “the shameful and unjust decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade.”

Bishop Olmsted issues directives that politicians who consistently support intrinsically evil acts like abortion are never to be given platforms or awards at diocesan venues. (This has ruled out the state governor, Democrat Janet Napolitano, from such platforms or awards.)

In his diocesan newspaper column, the Bishop has “outed” Catholic politicians who violate Catholic teaching.

It seems as though this Bishop takes these matters (and Catholic teaching) very seriously. But are these actions only for Catholic Bishops? Aren’t these the sort of actions all Christian leaders should be taking if they believe abortion is evil?

We have a duty to do more than just feel bad when unborn children have no legal protection from abortion…

Bishop Thomas Olmsted

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