Friday, October 27, 2006

Communion of Saints and Purgatory

This Bishop’s latest message to his flock is worth reading!

Bishop Blair of the Diocese of Toledo, Ohio gets the faithful ready to appreciate and celebrate the month traditionally devoted to the prayerful remembrance of the dead. All Saints Day, November 1, honours the saints in heaven and is followed by All Souls Day, November 2, whose focus is on those still being purified in purgatory.

Uhhh? Purgatory? Am I kidding?

No, that’s just the point. Bishop Blair is trying to instruct Catholics in the teaching of the Church on these matters so that their souls might be edified and there might be real benefit to Christ’s followers from these specially appointed occasions.

As the Bishop says,

Today there are spiritual and cultural changes at work pulling us away from Catholic doctrine and piety concerning the dead. The reality of purgatory, the resurrection of the body, and the importance of praying for the dead and offering Masses for them, are not always given the attention they deserve.

Bishop Blair also gives needful guidelines on Catholic funeral rites as well since in our day there is much confusion and a tendency to irreverence regarding such rites.

If you are not a Catholic, this is a great opportunity to inform yourself on the important Christian doctrines of the communion of the saints and purgatory. Don’t allow fear and bias to rob you of the beauty of these teachings. Simply click through on these links and discover some of their richness!

h/t Amy Welborn

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