Monday, October 23, 2006

Defense of the Faith

I recently discovered a wonderful Christian ministry located in Alabama.

No, it’s not EWTN.

But before I share my valuable info, let me explain.

One of the really tough things about being a convert to the Catholic Church is the HUGE difficulty in communicating to friends and family the rationale for such a “radical” re-make of spiritual affairs, particularly if one has abandoned the evangelical camp, as I did.

It is no small challenge.

Why should that be the case?

I can’t pretend to know all the answers for this difficulty but on the surface it appears to be either an issue of “cultural” life-long bias or overt and protracted denigration by “competing” religious groups. More fundamentally however I believe the problem is much deeper and a spiritual one, i.e. spiritual blindness. After all, if God and His Son Jesus Christ truly instituted one authoritative Church, then the enemy of our souls is intensely busy at blinding and deceiving souls from discovering that simple and soul saving truth.

Thus perhaps the saying “All roads lead to Rome.” That is, if we picture the honest seeker after God and His Truth progressing on a spiritual road. Yet obviously not every true Christian will reach “Rome” in the earthly portion of his/her journey (as God wills) but every Christian will know all the Truth (including the truth of His Church) when received by God in heaven.

If you’re still with me, I’m about to direct you to a website offering powerful talks and messages on explaining and defending the Catholic faith. What is unique about this site is its sole emphasis on scripture in accomplishing this purpose (evangelicals and fundamentalists TAKE NOTE!). After all, if God commissioned one authoritative Church, shouldn’t the full breadth and depth of His written Word point to and perfectly coincide with the body of official teachings of His Beloved Church?

I think yes.

So check out yourself. Whether you are Protestant or Catholic, you’ll find quite a few free mp3 downloads which are wall-crashers and eye-openers. If you are one of those on the spiritual road to the Celestial City, I think you’ll be helped along in your travels.

A great icebreaker to start with is the talk on What the Bible says about the one true Church founded by Jesus or a close second is Using the Bible Alone to refute Salvation by Faith Alone.

Perhaps you had questions about the Pope or Mary and Purgatory or the Rapture or the Sacraments.

There’s even a section on Two Minute Apologetics for the quick and concise answers to all the frequent questions asked by Catholics as well as non-Catholics.

Happy journeying, fellow pilgrim!

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