Wednesday, June 29, 2016

When Bishops Betray: Court Decrees 40M Bubble Zone Outside St. John's Abortuary

Pseudo-catholic Rolanda Ryan, owner of child killing centre, 
with her lawyer in Supreme Court
A health clinic in St. John's has reached a deal with anti-abortion activists to ban protests within a 40 metres radius of its building. 
The Athena Health Clinic finalized the decision at the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador on Tuesday.
Would this be the same "health clinic" run by the same pseudo-catholic as I exposed in this blog posting in 2014? In fact, yes, it would be.
Now this entire tragedy spells S-C-A-N-D-A-L in a multitude of ways: scandalous that someone raised Catholic could ever contemplate facilitating or assisting in the murder of unborn children, let alone protesting in public a woman’s “right” to murder her children; scandalous that fellow Catholics could sit in pews and watch known baby killers join in the Communion line to desecrate the Holy Eucharist without rushing to protect the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ from sacrilege; scandalous that priests can’t/won’t/don’t stop it; scandalous that Bishops seem indifferent or powerless to address such abominations. 
These are some of the tweets I sent out in response to this disturbing development:

You see, when God's people stubbornly and consistently defend the lives of pre-born children threatened by abortion—as these pro-life heroes have done in St. John's, NL for decades—eventually the devil gets enraged and stirs up his minions, the champions of death, to push back and protect his territory. Because, you see, legal abortion is perhaps his greatest bloody achievement in the war against God and His Creation.

And when Catholic Bishops are indifferent, on a daily basis, to the evil of child killing taking place in their very backyards and, worse still, can't be bothered to intervene when peaceful, prayerful and loving pro-lifers themselves are under direct attack, you may expect the devil to make huge gains in advancing  Why wouldn't he expect a great victory in a spiritual offensive when his enemies are weak, apathetic and oblivious to the power granted them by their Lord and Master?

Imagine if Archbishop Martin Currie of St. John's, had taken to heart the scandal exposed in my posting of 2014. Imagine we had seen serious action such as I proposed:
...a front page notice in the local newspaper or the Archdiocesan website lamenting the fact that so-called Catholics who run the local abortion centre received Holy Communion inadvertently last Sunday at St. Teresa's parish? Did we hear that local Catholics were so outraged to discover this that they demanded from the Archbishop assurances that such a thing might never happen again? Did we subsequently see on the Archdiocesan website or the Archbishop's blog a statement from Archbishop Currie that such a disgrace would never happen in his Archdiocese a second time?
Imagine the Archbishop had arranged a meeting with the Ryan sisters to advise them of their standing in the Catholic Church in accordance with Canon Law and their automatic excommunication for their support and facilitation of abortion. Imagine he had impressed upon them the seriousness of their actions before Almighty God and the absolute impossibility of receiving Jesus Christ in the Eucharist whilst living in such a separated, wretched and sinful state. Imagine he had, with godly earnest, perhaps even with tears, implored these sisters to immediately repent of their sins and be reconciled to Christ who loved them so. Imagine what a different outcome than the one we saw take place today in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Failing in his direct appeal to and discipline of the pro-abortion Catholic sisters, and every other reasonable effort to distance Holy Mother Church from the evil actions of renegade Catholics, the Archbishop might likely be forced into the most extreme Christ-like course of action required: joining the pro-life warriors in prayer and protest outside the killing centre and defying the intimidating tactics of the court. Of course this programme of self-sacrifice might ultimately lead the Archbishop to a night in jail but who in the province would ever thereafter doubt the Church's staunch opposition to the killing of innocents? Would even the courts dare pursue the Archbishop's prosecution?

But alas, we know only too well that Catholic Bishops have seldom, if ever, displayed such conviction or offered such sacrifice. And so it is that abortion continues to rob our nation of God's precious gifts. 

And so also, it would appear that we are one court case closer to the tragedy of a Canada where those opposed to the murder of children in the womb face immediate jail time for their public show of resistance.

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