Friday, June 10, 2016

Pseudo-Catholic Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes Receiving Communion At Whitby Parish

Allow me to clarify: A pro-abortion, pro-sodomy, pro-same sex marriage, and pro-euthanasia “Catholic” politician in our Archdiocese regularly attends Mass and is served the Sacred Body and Blood of Jesus Christ by the parish priest.

So what’s the big deal? A majority of Canada’s Catholics qualify for the label pseudo-catholic and yet they are still offered Holy Communion in their parishes (it’s still sacrilege though).

True. But here I’m talking about a Catholic who has high public visibility, an elected Member of Canada’s Parliament who represents the Whitby riding. It’s technically safe to call her, in Catholic parlance, a public sinner.
Who is Celina Caesar-Chavannes?

Celina R. Caesar-Chavannes MP is a Canadian Liberal politician, who was elected to represent the riding of Whitby in the House of Commons of Canada in the 2015 federal election. Wikipedia

She is also Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister. Yes, correct, that Prime Minister, pseudo-catholic Justin Trudeau. Take note then, she has been appointed to speak on behalf of Justin Trudeau! (Is there any chance he would have chosen a secretary to speak for him who has views contrary to his on crucial messaging?) In fact, she gives every evidence of being a veritable clone of our current PM.

I will refer to Ms. Caesar-Chavannes for the remainder of this posting as CRCC.

CRCC attends Holy Family Parish in Whitby, ON. She regularly presents for Holy Communion.
What are the political facts about CRCC?


She is a Liberal MP in Justin Trudeau’s cabinet and all his MP’s are under a mandate to vote pro-choice.  In May 2014, a year prior to CRCC’s election victory, Trudeau said, “Candidates who oppose abortion are barred from running in the Liberal Party’s ‘open’ nominations for the 2015 federal election.” We can only assume CRCC votes in favour of the status quo on abortion in Canada. She supports a woman’s “right” to kill her unborn child.

On June 1, 2016, CRCC posted the following on her Facebook page:

I was honoured to join Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today as he raised the Pride flag on Parliament Hill. He reminded us that there is still much work to do to - and that we are all responsible for doing our part.

She included the link to the CBC story Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raises a Pride flag on Parliament Hill for the first time in Canadian history as well as embedding the CBC video on her timeline.


On May 17, 2016, CRCC posted the following on her Facebook page:

Today is about hope, change, & the understanding that as Canadians we should all feel safe to be ourselves. Very proud of our government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today, and thankful to the countless people who continue to work hard to eliminate homophobia and transphobia.


On May 3, 2016, CRCC posted the following on her Facebook page:

Last night I spoke in the House about Bill C-14, Medical Assistance in Dying. It was an honour to stand up in support of this important legislation. This bill has amplified the discourse about life and about death. I am thankful to all who participated in the preparation and tabling of this document.

She featured a video of her speech in the House of Commons (also posted same, with text, on her official MP website) summarizing the government’s position on Bill C-14, noting particularly that she was “proud” of the government bill. She even touted her bona fides as a “person of faith” in assessing the positive nature of the new suicide paradigm (sounds familiar), also citing her meeting with St. John the Evangelist Catholic parish in Whitby over concerns about conscience rights of physicians. Of course, she insisted, her government would never trample conscience rights! (except when it came to MP’s voting pro-choice!) She waxed eloquent about how the work on C-14 “challenges us all to examine our fundamental beliefs about life and about death.”

Pro-same-sex “marriage”

There was no direct reference that I could find on CRCC’s Facebook page to support the conclusion that she is in favour of sodo-marriage. However, given her very close position as spokesperson for PM Justin Trudeau, her membership in the Liberal Party of Canada—the party that pushed through this insult to God and marriage—and her other publicly stated positions on homosexuality and LGBT rights, it is only reasonable to assume she supports same-sex “marriage” as well. Of course if I am wrong on this point I will certainly amend this paragraph with an update to that effect.
What is CRCC’s status as a Catholic parishioner?

I do not know this woman personally and so I rely heavily on my sources. She is a regular parishioner at Holy Family Parish in Whitby, ON. She regularly participates in the celebration of Holy Eucharist, publicly receiving Jesus Christ without restriction or censure. She has been questioned at times about her political affiliation and her support of policies and positions identified by the Catholic Church as grave evils. Rather than engaging in any reasoned discussion, she provides no explanation whatever for her public dissent but instead insists that judging is contrary to the Bible.  

The parish priest is well aware of the concerns that faithful Catholics have in regard to CRCC’s dissent from Catholic teachings and the scandal generated thereby. He is also aware of the strong objections that some have to CRCC partaking of the Holy Eucharist while obstinately persisting publicly in a condition of grave sin. (Canon 915 of the Catholic Code of Canon Law insists that such public sinners are NOT TO BE ADMITTED to Holy Communion.) Perhaps the priest, like CRCC herself, believes in the mantra that “we should never judge others” or perhaps he believes in the heresy that has infected CanChurch since the Catholic Bishops’ 1968 Winnipeg Statement, that of “conscience rights.”

No doubt it would be a bombshell going off in his parish and in his personal career if he decided to deny Holy Communion to such a high profile politician. Is that why he continues to ignore Canon 915 or is it because the status quo in the Archdiocese is to never seriously address any grave evils in the lives of the faithful in respect of administering Holy Communion, let alone that of public sinners. This appears, increasingly, to be the modus operandi of Cardinal Collins. Why then would any of his priests bother to make grave sin an issue or to protect the Lord Jesus Christ from sacrilege?

But the fallout from such cowardice and betrayal is of nuclear proportions. Faithful Catholics are so scandalized by repeatedly witnessing such sacrileges that the Holy Spirit within them becomes vexed and grieved and they see no alternative but to leave their parishes. But where do they go to find a community of true believing Catholics?  They can easily become overcome by doubt and cynicism and cease Church-going and their public worship.

Even now the scandal at Holy Family parish in Whitby is taking an extreme toll on serious minded Catholics and some are already preparing to leave.
What does the future possibly hold for CRCC?

CRCC is a very savvy politician. I would describe her as one who has a sixth sense about her job. Her political instincts are sharp, powerful and quite competitive. She is a gifted communicator and is extremely effective with social media and getting her message across. The feedback she receives from constituents and interested parties in general is almost universally positive and even extraordinary. In short, if they don’t love her they at least regard her as a very impressive, committed and authentic politician, one possessed of great compassion and care for her community.  

I hasten to add here that any gifts that CRCC possesses in regard to serving her fellow man are gifts given to her by God through the Holy Spirit at her confirmation. She is obligated, again by that same Holy Spirit, to use those gifts in accord with the laws and statutes of Christ’s Holy Catholic Church. She has NO freedom to use them as she pleases. In this connection we see the great sin of Canada’s Catholic Bishops who refuse to teach the fullness of the Catholic faith and to properly form the consciences of the faithful. Their omission to do so, and their refusal to discipline wayward and renegade souls, particularly Catholic politicians and other influential public figures, has resulted directly in the creation of a false counter-church—a pseudo-catholic culture—within the bowels of Canada’s true Catholic Church.   

In a recent interview with CRCC, Global TV broached the subject of a possible future run for Prime Minister by the rookie politician. We learn from that interview (and others) that CRCC recovered from a very low turning point in her life when she cried out in prayer and with tears to God for help. She credits her future in politics, at least partly, with the unfolding of God’s answer to her prayer. Unfortunately God is not the only one battling for souls and the problem is if the Bishops don’t address their failures in forming the minds and hearts of CRCC and the rest of Canada’s faithful, we may very well be watching the making of another pseudo-catholic Prime Minister.
It’s all on the Bishops

Some of us could see it coming with Justin Trudeau for many years. The Bishops apparently couldn’t or simply didn’t care (sufficiently). Through their denial of Canon law and other select Church teachings we see they prefer to do crisis management and now those that seem to care are running mad and scared.

God equips His people with great and fearful gifts, in order that His Body might be built up and Christ glorified in our world as King. Then He passes these souls over to the Bishops in order that they might be trained and put into His Service. When the Bishops fail in their responsibilities then Satan wins by default. Through the indoctrination of culture and the world and through the weakness of human flesh, Satan already has a stupendous foothold in the lives of every individual not on a steady path of daily conversion to Christ. Catholics like CRCC and Justin Trudeau, although very likely culpably ignorant, believe they are doing the best they can for their families, others, and the nation but too many are actually in the service of their father the devil. Unfortunately, priests and their Bishops, immobilized by fear and confusion, are doing little to correct them on their deadly path, and, may one day join them in Hell.
The failure of Archbishop Prendergast to redress scandal

Renegade “Catholic” politicians, as well as scores of key public officials, like CRCC could be saved from the destructive path of dismantling the moral fabric of Canada if only Archbishop Prendergast would take seriously the charge he has from Jesus Christ and His Church. Canon law demands that public sinners be denied Holy Communion for just such a reason as we currently see in the CRCC scandal. If the Archbishop were to PUBLICLY apply—as indeed the spirit of the canon demands and as I have argued he ought to—the censure of Canon 915 with respect to the most powerful antichrist “Catholic” in Canadian politics, our very own PM Justin Trudeau, it would be a powerful antidote, and rebuke, to other pseudo-catholics like CRCC and cause them to think very carefully and seriously about not following in the same path. It would also embolden the local priests to follow his example and apply some much needed discipline to the lives of the most rebellious public sinners in their parishes.   

Instead of idolizing and cozying up to the most notorious pseudo-catholics in Canadian history, wayward Catholics might be more inclined to shun them altogether, to the eternal good of their souls.


Janet said...

I have been reading this post and all along, trying to find what I could say to this young woman who must love Christ enough to receive Him in communion unlike so many of her contemporaries. I don't find I have hateful words to say to her. She has not been aught straight up science regarding any of the major issues, but false, deliberately false science. But I just know if I argued natural law regarding abortion and sodomy, she could hear it. She might hear it. She has not been taught straight up Catholicism. I searched for words, and I think I could show her the essential history of where we are now, our Church, where we went wrong, the exact moments where we traded comfort in denial for martyrdom in Faith. And somehow, looking at her young face, I just feel I could find the place where she really does care for mankind, and put the necessary facts right there, like new skin cells migrate toward a burn--literally walk there, new research shows. I know I could show her.

But I don't live there so I will pray with all my heart that God gives her real Catholics to advise her, and that she listen, even if it means the end of her political career. It probably would, except that the world is so completely ready for a sincere and authentic Catholic politician to lead them in civic issues and a Church Militant to lead them in the spirit.

ELA said...

Thanks Janet. I hear you. I think what you see is what you get with this woman. She is probably a very well intentioned person, led astray by false messages as you say. However, some very loving, earnest and faithful Catholics have had a go at challenging her thinking, without apparent success to this point.
Without faithful Catholic Bishops, our descent is sealed!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on a brilliant post. I expect the Bishop responsible for this parish is blushing with shame and too embarrassed to correct this lady.