Friday, March 18, 2016

Paralyzed Catholic Media In Canada Give Free Pass To Hierarchy

 Via Catholic Insight magazine:
Ah, but the judges derive their authority from the Carter of Rights and Freedoms here in Canada, a vague, milquetoast document promulgated under the dismantler of just-about-all that was great about this country, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, in 1982, whose son now sits in the same seat as his father.  This Charter functions as our constitution, and its very ambiguity is a source of all sorts of evils. [The Totalitarian Imposition of Euthanasia in Canada]
Here in one short paragraph we find a confluence of ideas that illumines so much of the discussion about the demise of our once great nation. "Catholic" Prime Ministers of Canada, all of whom have been endorsed by at least one or more Catholic Bishops, have dismantled the moral fabric of our country with impunity, one law at a time. In fact, our current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, having displaced the nine year "interim" Protestant leader Stephen Harper, now resumes the 38 year reign of Catholic PM's who have ruled over Canada and already shows promise of outdoing all his predecessors.
We are now on the verge of legalizing murder-suicide, prostitution and recreational drugs, all under a Prime Minister and his Cabinet with a deplorably skewed moral agenda. [Source]
The Catholic Bishops, right up to and including the present day crop, all share in the same heritage with respect to these renegade "Catholic" PM's, every one of whom
...without exception has flouted Catholic teaching on sexuality through their pro-contraception, pro-abortion, pro-sodomy agendas. And every one of them considered themselves good Catholics and regularly presented themselves for Holy Communion. During that 38 year reign of social devastation and spiritual ruin too many Catholic Bishops failed to take steps to deal with this epic scandal. Despite the fierce defiance of Catholic teaching exhibited by the Prime Ministers there is no record of even one single occasion when a Catholic Prime Minister was denied Communion. [Source]
Justin Trudeau follows in their footsteps and has already enforced rigid adherence to his devilish standards. Yet no Bishop has the fidelity to Catholic law nor integrity of character to censure the Prime Minister under the demands of Canon Law of Mother Church, even though Canon Law demands such discipline be meted out to unrepentant public sinners.

I have criticized the two leading Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto and Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa, who have the greatest potential influence upon Canadian politicians, only to be met with scorn and censure myself. How ironic that Cardinal Collins has recently undertaken a high profile campaign against Canada's new euthanasia regime yet will not take the most basic of Church disciplinary action against our top "Catholic" politician or any other rebellious Catholic politician. Yet practically all faithful and respected Catholic laity, whether on a personal or professional level, whether in Catholic publications, or in civil rights groups and of course some priests and Bishops, to say nothing of the Vatican itself, have warned that renegade Catholic politicians must be reined in to save the day.

Sadly, the people at Catholic Insight magazine and other establishment Catholic media sources, many lay Catholic associations and even otherwise faithful media and Catholic bloggers, endlessly lament the devolution of Canada's culture and even gripe about what the renegade Catholics are doing to our nation but avoid at all costs even the intimation that Catholic Bishops might be fueling the crisis through misrepresentation of the faith and by neglecting their duties in not disciplining these rebels. There's a huge elephant in the room and, to be sure, it will trample us all in short order.


John the Mad said...

Since the Prime Minister lives in Ottawa he falls under the episcopal jurisdiction of the archbishop of Ottawa, Archbishop Terrence Prendergast. It is he who should publicly excommunicate Trudeau. It is he who hasn't addressed this appalling public scandal.

ELA said...

Yes, John, I have argued extensively that the Archbishop of Ottawa is responsible before God for the scandal surrounding Justin Trudeau and for the matter of Trudeau's soul. Thank you for sharing your thoughts by way of comment.