Sunday, August 09, 2015

Is Cardinal Thomas Collins Responsible For "Unholy" Suspension Of Father John Duffy?

Everything I post (aside from a few of my comments which follow) is available from a simple Google search under the terms "Father John Duffy Uxbridge." I also share the contents of a forwarded email from what appears to be two of Father Duffy's parishioners (or friends) who sought out support for Father in his difficult circumstances.

I make no judgment in this matter and the title of my posting is simply a reflexive action which I hope might better contribute to the emergence of the truth in the matter of Father John Duffy's suspension.

Why do I frame my posting in such a controversial fashion?  Simply because I have seen too many priests who have a deliberate bent to "Tradition" and the authentic teachings of Holy Mother Church come under fire by their superiors and end up severely damaged by a campaign of persecution from the Chancery, in much the same way as Fr. Duffy has described. In fact I do not find it much of a stretch at all to believe Father Duffy's description of the events. I believe that Father Duffy's case needs to come out into the disinfecting power of sunlight and remain there until all parties (yes, including the laity. We have a right to know) are reasonably satisfied that justice is properly served in this unfolding tragedy.

Father Duffy has made some very serious charges indeed against the Archdiocese. I do not see that his suspension could have come about without the nod of Toronto Cardinal Thomas Collins. To avoid all possibility of scandal the Archdiocese needs to specifically address the substance of Father's charges and add whatever details it can to justify its decision to suspend this priest. Is that really too much to ask? After all, Fr. Duffy has been a priest for over 20 years.

Please note that I do not know Father Duffy personally and  I have never met him. All information I know of him I have found either online or from others that speak highly of him. I do know another priest who likewise believes that the Archdiocese tried to short circuit his priestly path due to his outspoken ways in regard to traditional Catholic teaching and what he felt was his responsibility to address scandalous situations. He was, however, not suspended as was Father Duffy.

Feel free to leave a comment if you think it may lead to a positive outcome. And please keep all parties involved in this contest actively in your prayers until a happier outcome is achieved.


Forwarded email

This Is A Very Very Very Sad Day For Our Church!!! 

We NEED PRIESTS - GOOD PRIESTS and here we have lost one because of EVIL!

Father had the courage to STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH and the LIES have taken him down...BUT as in all things we know who will win!

PLEASE PRAY AND REMEMBER Fr. Duffy during this very difficult time! 

God Bless. 

------Begin forwarded message:

Please pray for my dear friend Fr. John Duffy who has been unjustly suspended by the Archdiocese of Toronto; yes that is the same Archdiocese who we have not heard a single word from concerning the evil sex education that is now in full force.  I find it interesting that this diocese has time to make a video asking for money to support a family faith campaign (!!!) yet our children's souls are now in the hands of a satanic curriculum.  Well folks this is the same archdiocese who has suspended a faithful, true, kind, generous, hardworking holy Priest who has always defended and upheld the Truth of Jesus Christ and Catholic traditions and beliefs.  Please express your thoughts to the diocese in support of Fr. John Duffy who has given over 23 years of his life to the Priesthood.  Our Priests are under attack and they desperately need our prayers to stay strong against the current winds of evil which we see becoming more and more apparent in our world today. 
In Christ,
        (name redacted)


From an online petition in support of Father Duffy...

August 8, 2015

Dear Friends of Father John Duffy

We have known and loved Father John for many years. We are fully aware of how Fr. John has dedicated his priestly life to serving his congregations in a selfless manner for the 23 years of his priestly vocation.

Fr. John has never failed to comfort, help, encourage and support young and old alike through the Holy Sacraments and through his friendship at any hour of the day.

You can find many wonderful testimonials about Fr. John when you read the comments people have posted on this website.

Fr. John has NOT RESIGNED from the priesthood and he left Sacred Heart under extreme duress.

Fr. John received verbal communication that he was to vacate Sacred Heart parish forthwith.

Fr. John if need be, will defend himself under the tenets of Canon (Church) Law, if he must do so, which is in fact the correct procedure for a priest to follow.

When you read Fr. John’s final sermon (see below) to his beloved Sacred Heart parishioners, it will become clear that he desperately needs our FINANCIAL and SPIRITUAL support.

Please help us support Fr. John in his time of great need, as he has done for us.

Text of Father John’s last address to the parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish:

With a broken-heart, I must announce to you that this is the last Mass I will celebrate in my life.

Effective 4:00 pm tomorrow, Monday 13 July 2015, I will be suspended by the Archdiocese of Toronto. "Suspension" is the most serious of penalties a priest can receive in the law of the Catholic Church. "Suspension" is a penalty that is typically given to pedophiles and other types of criminals. I am being “suspended” for hiring a civil lawyer to seek redress for grave injustices done to me.

Nobody in the Archdiocese of Toronto would help me.

How did this all happen?

Two and a half years ago, I found myself in need of appealing to the Archdiocese of Toronto for their help regarding a group of parishioners who were spreading the most unspeakable gossip possible against me. Without going into horrible detail, the object of these slanderous parishioners was to have me removed from the parish. As this most wicked slander continued for four years, my health was affected significantly.

Yet, when I asked for a "lawyer's letter" to be sent from the Archdiocese of Toronto to the person who started the worst of this most unspeakable slander, they refused - and I was shocked by their lack of care and concern. The Archdiocese of Toronto is loathe to send a "lawyer's letter" to the laity as they are terrified of the public. Very disappointingly, priests, on the other hand, are disenfranchised - and are not a threat to them. The senior ecclesiastic, who refused to have a lawyer's letter sent to the most vicious of the slanderers, said to me; "The squeaky wheel gets the oil". That is to say, the formation of policy in the Archdiocese of Toronto is based on expedience - and not the norms of Christ's Gospel.

When I pushed the matter further, I was aggressively threatened by men who were supposed to be my spiritual fathers. Nobody in the Catholic Church would help defend my good name, nor assist me in my efforts to govern and unify our Parish. Therefore, I was forced to seek out the services of a civil litigation lawyer to fight for my cause, namely my honour and good name - and for the good of our Parish.

I have been fighting for redress regarding these matters for the last two years. I am sorry that I kept this matter a secret - and certainly didn't think that obtaining justice would be delayed and dragged-on for this long. In May of this year, the Archdiocese of Toronto stated that they wanted this matter "resolved sooner than later". As my health and financial resources were exhausted, I felt relief and hope that justice would finally be served.

Last Monday, 6 July 2015, was the day arranged for the Archdiocese of Toronto to "mediate" for a "solution". I felt relieved and hopeful. When I arrived at the "mediation", I had the sinking feeling that the matter was "pre-determined". Rather than receiving justice, I was merely informed that I was "suspended" for life - yet I would receive a few shekels in return for keeping my mouth shut. I felt like I was all alone in the room - and had no recourse.

I felt forcefully coerced- telling me to sign a "document of discretion" whereby I would be "muzzled", that is, no longer able to defend myself and my honour. Yet, the "document of discretion" stated that the Archdiocese of Toronto would be allowed to "retain the exclusive right" to publish "whatever they deem to be the reason for Duffy's suspension". Though I am not a lawyer, something in my soul told me that, as well as being grossly unjust, there was something unholy about the "offer" from the Archdiocese of Toronto.

As well, the Archdiocese of Toronto threatened me - saying that if I "broke discretion" they would cut-off the few shekels offered me, and demand that I return whatever was given me in the past. I was threatened that if I refused the "offer" made to me, a pittance that would leave me starving in the street, I would be told to get out of my Parish, put on the street, receive nothing at all. I was filled with dread. Certainly, the suspension left me sickened the most. I felt hatred and evil in the "mediation" room towards myself. To add insult to injury, I was told that I was responsible for the legal fees - costs that have put me in great financial debt.

My efforts to reacquire my good name only resulted in my being stripped of my priesthood, my dignity, my good name, my home and parish, my financial credit - and what I cherished more than my very life... my honour. I politely left, but felt doomed. I refused to sign the "document of discretion". I will put my trust in the Lord, come what may.

Anyway, I could not leave without saying farewell to my parishioners! I hope that I have served you well over my six year tenure. As well, and at least, I will always have the consolation of knowing that I defended Christ's Church, speaking out publicly from this pulpit about corrupt politicians - and, yes, corrupt politicians in the Church who have acquiesced, capitulated and accepted teaching that will destroy the innocence of our children in our Catholic Schools - and religious - political careerists who, rather than vociferously and courageously lead, remain silent as pre-born children continue to be murdered.

I served Christ first !

As I say farewell, please pray for me, as I will for you, and - yes - I will pray daily for the lay people, priests and bishops that have worked so hard to destroy my good name - and my priesthood. In particular, I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all of those who have faithfully supported me, aware of my situation, over these past years.

I love you all very much! Please continue to keep me in your good prayers - and also pray for our church fathers.

Farewell, my friends !


Mario Dimain said...

Thank you, Ela for posting a fair presentation of my friend Father Duffy. I am one of the fortunate ones who have met him and know his good nature. Although I am not fully informed of the rumours and allegations surrounding Father Duffy, I must say that I still believe that he is a good man and a true Christian. He has a strong conviction to his priesthood and all it represents in accordance to the teachings of the true Christian church. I have witnessed him stood his ground when some Muslims mocked us in Jerusalem during our pilgrimage to The Holy Land in 2005.

I think, this time, the self-serving elders of the Roman Catholic Church here in Toronto have bullied the wrong priest. No one can mess with the truth. The truth always wins. I trust God that He will be with Father Duffy in every step of the way, and justice will be served.

ELA said...

Hello Mario and thank you for your comment. It's tragic that we don't have the courtesy, let alone justice, of the details of charges against Father Duffy. A host of good people have testified online as to his character. Something has to break in this case because the silence is causing great scandal. I hope and pray that the Archdiocese will step up to the plate and fulfil their obligation to the faithful.