Saturday, August 22, 2015

Canada's Favorite "ProLife" Bishops Endorse Failed CCCB Election Guide

In my last posting I lamented that Canada’s Catholic Bishops were seriously downplaying many evils—chiefly abortion—touching Canadian society through the very vague and lukewarm document recently released by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Other prolife and faithful Catholics have also weighed in on that subject with valuable insight, exposing just how seriously deficient the CCCB Guide really is and pointing out the most egregious omission: cogent voting advice to ensure pro-abortion politicians do not gain power. The peculiar thing is that even those Bishops who are the honoured “champions” of the prolife movement seem to be quite content with promoting the CCCB Election Guide without further commentary or supplementary resources.

Of course they could take the time to add their own versions of a voting guide if they chose to, since each has full apostolic authority in their own diocese, but as I have noted on other occasions, the last thing any Canadian Bishop will think about doing is breaking ranks with their (liberal) brother Bishops who completely set the pace of downward slide, even at the risk of the destruction of souls.

Therefore take note that “prolife” Cardinal Collins of Toronto and “prolife” Archbishop Prendergast of Ottawa, as well as “prolife” Bishop Henry of Calgary, are each featuring prominent links on diocesan websites to the CCCB Election Guide, without urgently needed qualification and supplementation:

It defies imagination that any Catholic heartbroken over the destruction of 100,000 children annually could not muster a more serious strategy to defeat the culture of death in Canada: a most pitiful and outrageous effort by the most “prolife” Bishops of Canada…to say nothing of a failure to mention other very evil and dangerous trends, such as gender ideology, surfacing at the highest political levels, and which demand urgent address. Yet all we hear is a deathly silence.

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