Thursday, November 28, 2013

Eastern Health: 40 Denim Bags Filled With Condoms But Still “Huge Lack Of Awareness”

Health experts alarmed by increase in cases of gonorrhea

Armed with the knowledge that some sexually transmitted infections are on the rise in this province, health promotion consultants are saying that, in addition to taking care of their physical, mental and nutritional health, young people need to pay more attention to their sexual health and well-being.

Anita Forward and Donna Dawe are health promotion consultants with Eastern Health.

It’s well documented, they say, that condom use is one of the best ways of reducing your risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and preventing pregnancy.

Looks like their program is failing miserably. The more condoms go out, the more STD’s go up. Someone please help!

Attention Catholic Bishops and Priests (and other Christian leaders who still believe in biblical chastity): Here’s an opportunity waiting to be captured! Why not begin to share the Church’s teaching on chastity with your congregations? You know, a little bit here and a little bit there, a little on this Sunday and a little on that Sunday, in your bulletins and in your homilies. This could really help out government agencies like Eastern Health who are terribly overworked and under-financed.

Just think, you get to cover topics like masturbation, contraception, fornication, homosexuality, pornography [just like when you had your own schools]. You have no idea how this will boost interest in Mass.

Oh wait… I forgot, you’ve been a little shy on sexual mores and the Moral Law…

…since like 1968.




This is serious stuff. There will be Hell to pay.


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