Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pro- Choice Leslie Macleod Not Really Pro-Choice After All

So women can carry through on their choices to kill their unborn children but husbands/boyfriends can’t exercise their choices to kill their wives/girlfriends? Inferences acknowledged, I think that’s what Leslie MacLeod, Executive Director at St. John's Status of Women Council, just finished saying in a news story entitled: Province’s ‘Culture Of Violence’ Can Be Changed: Women’s Advocates. It’s blatantly obvious here that the pro-choice logic is fatally flawed since it is never consistently applied by feminists like MacLeod. But our laws ought to reflect good reason and the common good, not the insanity of feminist ideology, which dehumanizes the unborn child to the level of a bug or spider in order to crush the thing.

Once contaminated by such feminist ideology, we find these pathetic women engaging in the blindest and most absurd conversation. MacLeod acknowledges, “We have a culture of violence in this province,” and that, once upon a time, it was a hidden phenomenon but these days we are getting better at calling it what it is. One day, God helping us, we shall see that the greatest violence in our midst is abortion and we shall indeed name it for what it is and put away the evil of legalized killing once and for all.

MacLeod notes that “It was felt to be more respectful to the families” to simply downplay the violence, which of course is exactly what legalized abortion accomplishes. Out of respect for the survivors, we never deal with the true nature of the crime. Naturally, every thinking human being knows that such an approach will never deal with the problem. MacLeod noted, “ but keeping it hidden only made it harder to fight…”

“The first step is to talk about it,” said MacLeod. “We need to have the conversations.” Linda Ross, president of the provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women, said we need “to start with educating children on how to interact with each other, teaching them that pushing and hitting is wrong.” If pushing and hitting are wrong, how are we going to explain to our children what we are doing with 1000 unborn babies each year in our province, i.e. cutting them to pieces or suctioning them in a hundred pieces to their death? When are we going to be open about such conversations?

Ross also pointed to the need for change in cultural attitudes. “Look at what people are exposed to in music, in videos, in the social media, in movies,” she said, and then suggesting people need “to stop consuming pop culture that promotes violence and rape.” Forget the movies and social media, look at what we are doing in real life to thousands and millions of our fellow human beings through a murderous act of legalized violence. Do we really think that people don’t know, deep down, what happens to a child in the abortion procedure? Yet we are expected to keep that buried in our psyche, go on about our daily business and never allow it to surface in any meaningful way.

Speaking about the women victims, Ross said “It’s important that whatever a woman does, she knows that she can get support, she can get the help to get out of that situation.” In any civilized society there exists a multitude of resources and support services for those who feel vulnerable to abuse and violence, from laws to shelter homes, and rightly so. Yet think about the plight of the victim of abortion, or even those in the family who are tormented by the knowledge that a loved one is about to schedule an abortion. Where are the laws or the support services to intervene? After the crime termination has taken place where can you go to talk about the grief and shame?

RNC Const. Suzanne FitzGerald, domestic violence co-ordinator, summarized well the current state:  “I think that people need to stop looking at domestic violence as a personal, private matter. It’s a public-safety issue.” The killing of an unborn child by its mother is surely an example of domestic violence, if ever there was one. When 1 out of 4 children in Canada die from abortion, what else can you call it other than a public safety issue?

But if the “logic” of “pro-choice” gets its way, you will never be allowed to ponder such a horrible reality, or to consider any of the other obvious duplicity inherent in the words of “women advocates”.

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