Saturday, October 12, 2013

Are We Seeing An Increased Level Of Violence Against Pro-Lifers In The Public Square?

Remember three weeks ago when I said this:

I was strangely reluctant this morning to get out and do my regular protests at the parishes in St. John's area. Mostly I think this was a result of the troubling comments made recently by Pope Francis. Immediately that I read the transcript of his remarks I thought to myself that he has just made it doubly difficult now for anyone on the frontlines in the culture wars. Not only will we get the usual flack and venom from the secular side but we'll also have liberal Catholics and dissidents of all stripes reminding us that we "obsess" too much over abortion, contraception, etc....according to none other than the Pope.

Even before my day started, the psychological and spiritual damage from the Pope's words were, for me, quite significant. I predict there may well be a serious backlash to pro-life efforts on a widespread basis. I am not directly blaming the Pope for the attack which I endured today but I will simply say that considering I suffered a vicious attack from a fellow Catholic, I expect that future attacks from this quarter will be even more probable. In fact I was truly expecting some Catholics today to mock my protest using the Pope's words! It didn't happen today but I guarantee it will sometime soon.

Yup, that was the same day I was attacked viciously outside a Catholic Church by none other than a fellow Catholic, who immediately proceeded inside to attend Mass while I picked myself up from the street.

Since then I’ve been watching the news carefully to see if I can detect any upsurge in the frequency or degree of antagonism and violence against pro-lifers. It didn’t take long. LifeSite News reported this unbelievable story from our own nation of Canada a few days ago. Now today, this shocking report of violence against pro-lifers in Australia.

Just a coincidence? Too dramatic? Maybe. We’ll see as time goes on. But my thought is that when the Vicar of Christ muzzles the soldiers of God by sullying—wittingly or unwittingly—their faithful witness, a spiritual bomb explodes; the portals of heaven and hell are shaken and the demons are emboldened to more destruction.

And yes, on another point, it’s happened. Two weeks ago I had a Catholic parishioner confront me during a sign carrying protest outside one of the local parishes and ask me whether I respect what Pope Francis had to say about the Church being obsessed about abortion, contraception, etc.

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