Thursday, June 20, 2013

Catholics And The Government: What God-Ordained Relationship?


As a follower of Jesus Christ .. no Christian can admit or support the idea that the state is superior .. or even that they are equal. That’s quite a statement. The state is subordinate to the Church. Period.

This is not earth-shaking news to the faithful Catholic – but it is shattering news to the general population who has come to view the state as the guardian and protector and even the grantor of their individual liberty.

Such a view is not Catholic .. is not rooted in faith in Jesus Christ. But so many people simply travel along the road paved by the western democracies which has led to the conclusion by the general populace that liberty means doing whatever you want and that government’s role is to protect this false notion.

Government has taken on this mantle – the advancement of whatever someone wants to do as his “right” and using the powers of the state to enforce that – even over and above the questions of morality.

A sure mark of the ascendancy of the state over the Church is when immorality is given the protection of the law.

From that point .. the next step is the outlawing of what is moral.

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