Monday, March 31, 2014

The Edifice of Michael Coren Crumbling?

I recently had something to say about Michael Coren. It was quite serious enough.

Apparently Michael Coren is having a meltdown with more than one of his "followers."

And then when you ask, as in the case of Mr. Coren, for simple clarification or refer him to seek fatherly counsel, you are rebuked as a “sad man” who lives in “darkness”.   When you press someone like Michael Coren who makes part of his bread and butter doing the Catholic circuit as a speaker to simply affirm something as fundamental as Humanae Vitae, you get banned from his Facebook page, because, as he says, he ”cares too much about Christianity to allow and enable [me] to distort it.”  I think the truth is somewhat different. I think the truth is that he cares too much about a family member or a close personal friend over and above the public witness that he’s giving about the Catholic teaching on homosexual relationships.  That’s what I think.

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