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Amoris Laetitia Will Bolster Canadian Bishops’ False And Deadly Appeal To Conscience

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Just a few days ago Pope Francis issued his Apostolic Exhortation entitled Amoris Laetitia. It has received much publicity and commentary in a short space of time. At the end of this posting I have included a list of recommended links for further reading and analysis.

I will restrict my comments about the papal document to those of a general nature. This blog has repeatedly made the case that Canada’s slide into immorality, barbarism and apostasy has been fueled by the actions of her Catholic Bishops, who have betrayed not only their calling and commission but also the authentic teachings of the Catholic faith. To a large degree these failings have centred on the prevailing dissent over contraception and the tragic collapse of catechesis.

The Winnipeg Statement (WS) by the Catholic Bishops—never abrogated—still infects and compromises the character of Catholicism in Canada and may very well explain the willful dereliction of duty in respect to catechesis. Overall the Bishops’ dissent (some have characterized it as de facto schism), expressed in the Winnipeg Statement, has given rise to a dangerous and cultish pseudo-catholic culture in Canada. WS really lowered the bar for Catholic practice, intimating that Catholics could not be expected to live out the demands of Christ’s teachings in regard to chastity, specifically the use of artificial contraception, as outlined in the perennial teachings of His Church. Apparently Catholics in some way were less capable than previous generations to resist the allure and temptation of sexual disorder. Was the grace of God no longer sufficient to counter the difficult and “complex” circumstances of their modern lives? Through an appeal to conscience the Bishops gave their flock the open door necessary to ignore Humanae Vitae and to regularly practice intrinsically evil behaviour yet still present themselves for Holy Communion, a grave betrayal to the souls of Catholics but also a horrible crime of sacrilege against Christ. Ironically, from an historical point of view the compromise of the Bishops in Canada seems to have made them quite incapable of properly forming the consciences of Catholics.

I see Amoris Laetitia from a similar perspective, except it is all the more lamentable that a Pope, rather than a Conference of Bishops, should be cracking open a door to Holy Communion for those living in a different kind of mortal sin, i.e. adultery. I do not claim that the Pope’s document explicitly teaches heresy but there are a number of very problematic passages that will surely be used by Christ’s enemies to liberalize further the reception of Holy Communion by divorced and remarried Catholics, ultimately justified by “good conscience" or some such mantra. What Catholics worldwide needed from the Pope was a document which reinforced the timeless truth of Christ’s teachings, albeit with fresh insights and nuances aptly matched to defeat the evils assailing the family today. Instead what was delivered was a document, admittedly very comprehensive and orthodox in many respects, equipped inherently with the kind of ambiguities that fueled the “Spirit of Vatican II” which weakened the Church tremendously since the Council.

The scandal generated over time by such documents is pervasive and devastating to faithful Catholics, as has been the Winnipeg Statement in Canada. What makes it worse is when Catholic Bishops show no restraint in praise for subtle attacks upon the faith and offer no sober commentary on the ambiguous points, even when media plead for clarification. How much buffeting must faithful Catholics be expected to tolerate? In my opinion, there can be little doubt that a schism will eventually take place in the years ahead if the current crisis of the Church is not adequately addressed by our current Pope or his successors.

The following links will present viewpoints and assessments of Amoris Laetitia which seem to me to be aligned well with Holy Scripture and the Church’s Sacred Tradition. Other articles have appeared which are similarly useful, many of which appear on my Twitter timeline. Sorry, the view through rose-coloured glasses won't be found on this list.


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